SEO for Content Creators

Learn the best tools and techniques to get more views of your content.

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SEO for Content Creators

Master the SEO tools and techniques used by top ranking content creators and Fortune 500 companies to consistently create content that ranks at the top of Google and other Search Engines. 

SEO 101

Learn how Search Engines work and how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can increase visibility of your own content.

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Keyword Research & Backlinks

Learn to use cutting-edge tools to identify the content topics that your priority customers care about most.

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Analytics & Optimization

Learn how to track progress using industry standard tools like Google Analytics, Search Console and SEMRush


Meet Your Instructor!


Salim is a highly sought Global Marketing leader with over a decade of experience turning around declining sales; increasing consumer engagement in stale and mature categories; and, delivering double-digit growth in revenue and profit for start-ups, non-Profits and Fortune 500 brands including: Jameson Irish Whiskey, Axe, Cottonelle, and Kotex.

Salim is currently a Lead Digital Marketing Instructor with General Assembly and Fiverr and leverages his expertise in breaking down SEO and content marketing strategies in simple digestible ways to help brands and individuals breakthrough points of stagnation and increase site visitors and overall relevance.

What can you expect from the SEO for Content Creators Workshop?

Our fun and interactive workshops are created to be practical, leaving you with actionable steps that can be taken immediately to advance your personal or professional objectives. Students are able to get hands-on experience practicing their skills in a LIVE and real-world business environment -- not a simulation or case study. No matter which class you take, you can count on three things:

Actionable Tools & Techniques

Learn best practices for using the industry leading tools and techniques used by Fortune 500 companies.

Real World Practice

You will use the techniques learned in class to create or optimize real-life published content.

Fun and Interactive

Interactive exercises, quizzes, and varying learning formats keep lessons fun and engaging.

SEO for Content Creators


Next Class: February 25, 2022 12pm-5pm EST

  • Increase Site Visitors
  • Create Higher Value Content
  • Monitor & Optimize Performance
  • Learn to use industry standard tools like SEMRush, Google Search Console and others!
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Get the practical experience and understanding of SEO to elevate the visibility of your content. Take your marketing skills and your content to the next level with the SEO for content creators workshop. This workshop is a one-day 6-hour session. Sign-up NOW!

Janet J.

"This course will help you with real life situations and could possibly land you a job!"

Aimee R.

"If you're looking to get ahead... you should definitely take this course!"

Jamie S.

"Salim was an inspiring, extremely helpful instructor whose deep knowledge and experience was apparent in every class."

John B.

"Salim was very good and knowledgeable! It was very easy to follow."

Bridget S.

"I learned how to evaluate my company's website and which tools to use to increase our visibility in search engines."

Angie B.

"The techniques and tools helped me tremendously with my job interviews!"

Boost your SEO expertise and get more views of your content.


Getting your content seen and ranking high in search engines is a skill not often taught in schools or in communications programs. Learning the tools, tactics and tips in this workshop will set you ahead of your content creating competition while preparing you for a successful Digital Marketing career.

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